Playground Policies


We kindly ask every parent to read our Playground Policies carefully and explain to their children how to behave and use our facilities so that they can use our playrooms and toys safely.

  1. The Playworkers are an experienced team who are dedicated to offer quality play to the children in the local community.
  2. We require parents to fill out our Registration form when they arrive at FantasyLand.
  3. Children can be collected by their parents or family members when the party is over.
    In case a child is collected by someone else, other than a family member, we require proof of their identity and written authorization from the parents.
  4. We accept children from 3 years of age provided that they are nappy trained.
  5. We accept children aged under 3 provided that they are accompanied by a parent or an authorized guardian.
  6. Children can only enter the playrooms if they are wearing socks. Shoes are not allowed.
    We advise children to play with toys that are suitable for their age.
    It is the parent’s or guardian’s responsibility to supervise children aged less than 3 years and make sure that all the equipment and toys are used correctly and safely.
    Since most behaviour is learnt from others, we ask that adults visiting the site stick to the same rules that are set out for the children. Respect for other people is an important rule for positive behaviour. We have a policy for suspending children and young people with negative behaviour from our facility or even to the extent of excluding them permanently.
  7. Toys that are properties of Fanasy Land and can not be taken home.
    Please discourage your children from bringing in their own toys or valuable items with them as we do not take responsibility for loss or damage of any personal items.
  8. Entering with chewing gum or bringing food and drink in are not allowed.
    However, we do offer snacks and soft drinks at Fantasy Land.
  9. Eating and drinking is only allowed in the designated areas.
  10. Drinking alcohol and smoking is not permitted.
  11. We advise every child to play with toys with clean hands.
  12. Please keep our facility clean and safe.
  13. In case your child is not feeling well, we kindly ask you to call us and cancel your child’s attendance to the party. In case your child is not feeling well during the party, we will advise the parent immediately.
  14. Opening Times: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 17:00-20:00 • Tuesday: Closed • Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 17:00-21:00

The above Rules & Regulations are created for you in order to protect every child who visits our premises.
Thank you for your understanding.



We advise that all our users wear socks and not footwear in our playrooms to keep the playrooms clean and prevent accidents.